Dec 14 - 20, Kislev 22 - 28
Parshat Mikeitz
Candlelighting 4:12 pm

THIS WEEK: Chanuka starts Tuesday night! 

Visit our Holidays page to watch awesome Chanuka mashups videos, learn about this fun holiday and get into the Chanuka spirit! 

For details about the CHANUKA EXTRAVAGANZA, click here

Chanukah Store

Dec 2 - 23, 9:30 - 4

Need something for Chanuka? We've got you covered! 

Stop by any time, any day
until Dec 23 between 9:30 am and 4 pm to pick up everything you'll need for the holiday. We've got an assortment of Menorahs, Chanuka candles, Dreidels, gift bags, cards, crafts, activities and more!

Click here for a full list of inventory and prices. All items are being sold at cost.

*If you'd like to come by at a different time, or have a special request for an item you'd like us to pick up for you, let us know and we'd be happy to accommodate.

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